PIRHA Back In 2018


All Nations Indian Relay Championship

The Professional Indian Horse Racing Association is considering becoming active again for 2018. After stepping aside to allow the new Sioux relay organization an opportunity to run a relay in Billings PIHRA is considering organizing and operating the “All Nations Indian Relay Championships” for 2018. The “All Nations Indian Relay Championship” is the largest and most successful Indian Relay ever held in the decades old history of the sport.  The date and location of the Championship is yet to be decided. Several dates and cities are under consideration. Any interested cities or venues please contact PIHRA for further information. Interested teams please share your views.

Nations Advisory Board To Be Elected

For 2018 PIHRA will be adding new Advisory Board Members that will be elected from each of the competing Indian Relay Geographic areas.  Advisory Board members will be elected by Indian relay teams from each tribal and/or Geographical areas. More details on Advisory Board selection to follow.

Team Sponsorship Program

PIHRA is accepting applications for the PIHRA team sponsorship program for 2018. Under this program assistance will be offered to a limited number of qualified Indian Relay Teams based upon performance history, integrity, tribal support and affiliation, exemplification of PIRHA values, etc. PIHRA is considering assistance in the form of sponsor assistance to chosen member teams based upon sponsorship and response to initiative. Teams interested should fill out the PIRHA Team Assistance application form found on the ProfessionalIndianHorseRacingAssociation.com website.