The Relay Event


Typically, a relay event will be run over 3 or 4 days with heats, or qualifying races run the first days and a championship and consolation on the final day. Payouts vary by venue. Races typically have been confined to the reservations, although Indian relay fans show great support and loyalty where ever it is run.

There are few rules in Indian relay and on many tracks anything goes. The Professional Indian Horse Racing Association, PIRHA, has added rules to protect the safety of the horse and rider.

The Professional Indian Horse Racing Association, PIHRA, is the organizing body of Indian Relay and represents over 50 Indian Relay teams and events. It main concern is the safety of the horses, spectators and participants. It seeks to develop relay in to an economic and athletic resource for the Native American cultures. It sanctions and supports individual relay events around the country.

2016 All Nations Indian Relay Sign Up Application


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