How Relay Works


Indian Relay Team Races: Each Team consists of 4 members:

Exchange Holder – holds the horse the rider mounts
Mugger – catches the horse the rider jumps off
Back Holder – secures the extra horse during horse rotation

Riders and Holders line up and await starting gunshot; Riders leap on horses and race three laps exchanging horses after each lap. Expect the unexpected, explosive action during the “Exchange!” Fifteen horses and 20 warriors are on the track at the same time working for that seamless exchange.

Team members will be dressed in tribal theme oriented regalia or traditional ribbon shirts while the rider regalia will display moccasins, breechcloths and/or leggings.

Prizes will be awarded for team relay tribal regalia including period hairstyle, feathers, roach or headdress, war horse decorations and body paint symbols representing personal vision or honors.

All horses will be marked with traditional tribal war paint and decorations in colors determined by team tradition which may include medicine and feathers and any distinguishing personal symbol, mark and color.

WARRIORS RACE – Lap Race: Warrior runs 100-yard dash and leaps onto his horse held by the Holder and races one entire lap to finish line.

LADIES RACE – Lap Race: Ladies gallop horses at full speed riding bareback around the track once to the finish line; a true test of horsemanship and courage.

JUNIORS RELAY RACE: Youth ages 11-15 years old will team relay race under the same format as adult relay only on ponies between 43”-52” inches on a modified track.

KIDS RELAY RACE: Kids ages 6-10 years old will team relay race under the same format as adult relay only on ponies under 43” inches on a modified track.

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